Why you should use dark mode in email marketing

Why you should use dark mode in email marketing

de Haan
Digital Marketing Consultant
5 min. leestijd
5 april 2024

The Growing Popularity of Dark Mode

In recent years, dark mode has become one of the most sought after features in apps and websites. Today, 80% of people choose to use dark mode in their electrical devices. Popular platforms such as Apple, Google and Microsoft have integrated dark mode options into their operating systems and applications. This trend has also spread to email clients and affects the way people read emails.

Importance of Dark Mode in email designs

When designing emails, it is important to take into account the preferences of your recipients. While dark mode is a great feature, it can both positively and negatively affect the readability of some content. Emails can be experienced in a confusing way, which will have an effect on the company branding of the organization sending the email. In addition, 38% of email readers often have to set the device settings in light mode in order to read an email properly, resulting in a bad customer experience.

Dark mode is an emerging trend in email design that cannot be ignored. It offers benefits such as reduced eye fatigue, improved readability and future-proofing for email marketing. By optimizing your emails for dark mode, you increase the chances of your message being read and appreciated by a wider audience. It’s time to take dark mode seriously and integrate it into your email marketing strategy.

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