Beyond Logic: The impact of Emotional Marketing in B2B

Beyond Logic: The impact of Emotional Marketing in B2B

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5 min. leestijd
5 juli 2024

Why does emotional marketing work?

To understand why emotional branding works, we need to look at basic consumer psychology. Humans process information using two systems: the intuitive and automatic system, and the analytical and reflective system. The latter is slow and effortful, so we often rely on the intuitive system, which is driven by emotions and prone to biases.

Since most information processing is done intuitively, emotional marketing is very effective. Research in psychology and neuroscience shows that we often make choices based on feelings first and then use logic to justify them. Emotions act as glue for our memories, making us remember ads or brands that made us feel something. Emotional marketing isn’t just effective—it’s essential for making lasting impressions.

Powerful emotions in marketing

  • Happiness encourages sharing, fueling brand awareness. Positive content spreads quickly on social media.
  • Sadness fosters empathy and connection, driving charitable giving. Emotional appeals move us to support causes that tug at our heartstrings.
  • Surprise and Fear encourage loyalty by offering comfort in uncertainty. Contrary to common belief, fear can strengthen brand allegiance by positioning your brand as a beacon of reliability in turbulent times.

Strategies for emotional marketing

Emotional marketing strategies focus on creating campaigns that evoke specific feelings and responses from the target audience. Here are three common strategies:

  • Storytelling: Craft compelling narratives that resonate with the audience’s experiences and emotions. These campaigns highlight how the brand or product can positively impact their lives.
  • Nostalgia Marketing: Tap into nostalgic feelings by referencing past trends, memories, or iconic moments. These campaigns create a sense of longing and connection.
  • Interactive & Experiential Campaigns: Use quizzes, games, or virtual reality to allow consumers to connect emotionally with a brand.

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